udChalo: Meet the team

Varun Jain (CEO & Director) - Army Institute of Technology

Varun is a technology enthusiast with over 10 years of travel and technology experience. He is founding member of Tavisca Solutions Pvt. Ltd, and loves to experiment with new ideas in the field of travel and technology.

Ravi Kumar (COO & Director) - Army Institute of Technology

Ravi is udChalo's heartbeat. He is ever reliable, and always engaging with customers to keep them happy. Inspite of a lucrative job, the bug of entrepreneurship bit this AIT engineer. He likes Driving, Running and Cooking.

Col (Retd.) Ravinder Kumar Jain (Chief Advisor)

Col. Jain is udChalo's chief advisor. During 30 years of service in the Corps of Electronics and Mechanical Engineers (EME) in Army he has held strategically important appointments, both administrative as well as technical, at various levels. It provided opportunities for applying technical, managerial and leadership skills. Post retirement, he has been the CEO of multiple Industrial environmental projects in various cities in India. He is currently CEO at Vapi Green Enviro Ltd and lives with his wife in Vapi, Gujarat.